Web Design and Development

As self employment reaches an all time high, the demand for a succesful website is becoming paramount for business’ throughout the United Kingdom.

We don’t just offer website design, we offer developments which sit not only high on search engines with our designated packages, but also solutions with are easy to manage, easy to maintain and importantly, the highest calibre for your business or project.

Our Website Design and Development consists of anything from a content management system, an e-commerce store or a custom built database driven website. Below is a brief overview:

Content Management

A Content Management System is a tool for giving you control over your own website. A good CMS means that your site can evolve to meet the demands of your customers without you having to keep paying someone to make changes to it.

How does it work ?

Think of the CMS as the back of the shop, and the website as the front.

The CMS is accessible to the staff, but not the customers, through what is effectively a locked door : a staff login page on your site.

Once on the other side, they can view the whole site in a different format : each page being divided into a number of boxes, or fields, which can be edited through your web-browser.


If you want sell online, you need to be able to guarantee your customers that their credit-card details are safe. We can put you in the position to make that guarantee. Our eCommerce systems areĀ fast, easy to use, and, above all, secure.

How does it work ?

If you already sell through other channels, or you want to replace an existing eCommerce system, we can integrate it with what you already have.

If what you already have is not worth integrating with, we can tell you why. Then we can tell you how to put it right.

We pride ourselves on the usability of our eCommerce systems. That means a painless and streamlined process for the customer, and clear oversight of the order situation for you.

Online Portfolio

If you are in a position where you need a portfolio, why not make an online porfolio? The most upcoming way to display your work, be it a range of graphics, photographs or even modelling assignments, you can be sure we can match the expectation you want your images to achieve to clients all over the world.

How does it work ?

An online portfolio is managed by a content management system, but typically with images displayed in a way which captures your audience. All portfolio builds are bespoke to you, meaning they are as individual as you are.

Management is as simple as drag and drop of your images from the system you are using, to the website. We can also produce applications for the management of your portfolio aswell.

If you’re interested in finding out more or interested in working with us, please contact us.