Social Media Management

Our social media management will enable your company to reach thousands of potential new customers online. Our objective-orientated service ensures that every action we take brings you one step closer to your goals and achieving smile inducing results.

We aren’t gimic based or use fancy words and false promises, we operate on a basis of organic growth, outstanding communications and we aim for a philosophy of garnering an audience growth to last.

Obviously the world of SEO and Social Media Marketing is a minefield, sometimes companies will use blackhat methods gathering instant success but long term penalisations, we don’t do that. We offer growth in the search engines and social media platforms built to last, simple as that.

Some of the elements included in our packages are:

Social Media Management

It begins with your social media strategy. This provides the road map for our expertly crafted posts, customer creating interactions, guaranteed social growth and meticulous statistic reports. It ends with your results.

Content Marketing

Hiring experts enables you to pinpoint the type of content that will unlock the door to your desired results. Our carefully sculpted, SEO optimised and fastidiously distributed content ensures we achieve your objectives.

Content Driven Social Media

Adding content marketing to social media management is akin to pouring petrol onto an open flame. If you’re the type of person who will not accept anything less than aiming for the stars, then this is the service for you.


building a website is just the first step towards getting your business found online. Depending on how competitive your industry sector is, ongoing search engine optimisation is likely to form a crucial part of your online marketing activity.

Put simply, if your website isn’t optimised correctly then your business is extremely unlikely to make it onto the first page of Google, beyond which most of us stop looking. A well thought out SEO campaign will influence your search engine ranking and in most cases get you to page one for those all important key words.

Some of the factors to watch out for are:

The quality of your website architecture.
The competition, how competitive is your niche?
The key words you are targeting.
Do you incorporate links to social media on your website?
Are you being found on Google or other popular search engines?

It is now harder than ever to get your website into a position where everybody can see it – but not impossible. Depending on the size of your business, the challenge of getting your website to the top can be difficult at times and it will require a consistent effort to see results.

Now, more than ever, content is king when it comes to getting your website placed high on Google. The old methods of using article spam are now being devalued thanks to more intelligent algorithms which are able to spot poor quality websites a mile away.

SEO might have changed, however the basic principles remain the same. Your website will require back links and good ones  succeed. As a small to medium sized business,  there really is only one way to do this and that is through marketing good content.

If you’re interested in finding out more or interested in working with us, please contact us.