Maintenance Packages

One of the most asked questions after completing a job is “are you still available if we need anymore help?” and the answer is yes, we are – contractually for 30 days after a go live or hand over date but also on some special packages which are designed to leave you safe in the knowledge that not only will your website be a success, but also that should anything go wrong or you would need any changes, we are on hand to do that for you, hassle free!

Our website maintenance packages can help be the difference between your website being a success, or a failure.


The cost of the maintenance depends on what you might need, so we don’t offer set prices but rather try and tailor our packages to the clients needs. For someone with just a monthly addition to a news section and some image changes, cost might be around £450 per year, whereas someone with an e-commerce website might need alot more so cost can be upwards of £800+ per year.

In addition to website maintenance packages, we also offer combined social media and marketing packages, and its this which makes your website a success. You can have the best website in the world advertising the best products/services in the world, but if nobody can find you; you might aswell not be there at all.

Have a look at our social media marketing page aswell, for further information on our services and of course please contact us should you need a free quotation on any of our services.