Freelancing, Domestic Life and The Pitfalls Version 3

Freelancing, Domestic Life and The Pitfalls Version 3


So, after version one, and version two, and some very inciteful comments from various readers, i am proud yet saddened to deliver a version three, this time less pitfall, more a shame really.

Regular visitors will know i have long supported, and referred many of you to a guy named Julian Westaway, from Select Properties, infact, unbeknown to Julian i actually referred him just last Thursday to a relative, a relative with more money than sense that was interested in using his services to purchase a property in Plaza De Toros. That was until, for whatever reason, Mr Westaway decided to not only cease our annual maintenance contract, but also bombard my personal inbox with a tonne of abuse too.

Now, we know how you guys appreciate a little side story so the background is this; i was given a monthly xml file to upload for Select Properties. The XML file was a dud. Whenever it was uploaded it had elements missing and the hosting was slower than Steve McClaren at realising when his time is up. Anyway, despite persistant advice, Julian, being a little less budget a little more “can i pay you next time” didnt want to do anything about it. In turn, he employed an Indian Developer, and decided to take his business elsewhere. Never mind the breach of contract, bigger fish to fry and certainly, much better prospects.

I wished Julian well, advised him that he didn’t need to be underhand, specifically sly, and wished him luck. To which he replied, as follows:


A slight aberation i think you will agree?

So ladies and gentleman, if you like your holiday homes purchased from a neanderthol, with a little less sense and a little more aggression than any representative from a company whom is asking you to pay literally hundreds of thousands of pounds should have, then Julian Westaway, of Select Properties,, is your man.

If you want to purchase something a little more legitimate and lets be honest, purchasing something should be a pleasant experience, then please avoid and take yourself somewhere more reputable!