Freelancing, Domestic Life and The Pitfalls Version 2

Freelancing, Domestic Life and The Pitfalls Version 2

So this post has already been done, but its a brand new year and it appears we have the same old problem.

A huge belated happy new year to visitors old and new, although i suspect those with the blog notification in action will have a look – as after reaching over 1300 people with the last article, and a huge plethora of comments of people sharing the like minded opinions, we should be reaching a decent number to know such a post is justified for a version 2!

So what is typically a version 2? Surely its just a reheash, rebranded like a call of duty game where you put things in that you forgot to put in originally… no, you’d normally be right but in this case very wrong.

This specific freelancing, domestic life and the pitfalls revolves around one particular company. I cannot name them as they feel obliged to take a tweet i issued as a form of libellous/damaging comments and are apparently “seeking legal advice”, a tweet sent from an account whereby 11 people directly viewed the tweet for note, and well the content of the tweet, judge for yourself.

“I do hope your new venture, eryCtun nTgooelyhc doesn’t screw a young family by not paying your bills on time in the future…” – naturally, the words have been scrambled to prevent direct recognition to said company but the story is a little like this.

The client appointed an employee to manage a website build, provided as an indesign document and given a one week deadline for completion. I am forever the optimist, and besides i can just work until 2am to get something done if a client needs it enough so it wasnt a problem. Anyway, the deadline at this stage is Friday, December 11th. I get the go ahead via on Wednesday evening, at around 5.30 pm with the original deadline in place and first revisions due on the Thursday, 10th December. I express concerns, not for the first time about timescale and lack of communications but continue regardless. Anyway, at 2:03am on Friday morning, i complete the design. The design as per the design provided, and out of courtesy i add content, and a design which follows the provided design for all inner pages and content aswell.

Anyway, after some deliberations, delight and adjustments, the client (and i use the term loosely) – decides she can now show her boss. Taking into account this is over a week afterwards and after around eleven expressions of concerns where time and responses were concerned. Her boss, who i was told not to contact, throws the whole thing out of the water and says she will send detailed feedback for address after Christmas. After the holiday period, or during, whichever way you celebrate, i get a refund request saying the work is inadequate and i missed the deadline… now excuse me for just one second… but….


Now don’t get me wrong, im a reasonable guy, i like to think we can handle almost anything but i have never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life. So, we goto for them to dispute, not just once, but twice, out of my own pocket, costing now £115.00 for a £650.00 invoice for them to advise both times, “sort it out, the buyer must provide detailed feedback for the seller to address any changes.” Twice she has failed to do so, and now threatens legal action because of the above tweet.

So ladies and gentleman, lesson learned, even in this age of TECHNOLOGY, any point between the last and forthcoming CENTURY, its vitally important to be clear and  concise what you want when you are appointing someone to doing something for you, be it a new bathroom or a new website, be clear so everyone knows where they stand and if things aren’t 100%, do like the other 536 clients on my books, and tell me what you need and ill do it. Simple as that.